The Moonwatch

The Moon is an astronomical object and the Earth’s natural satellite.

The Moon’s atmosphere is considered to be surrounded by vacuum.

The Moon has been or has not been visited by humans.

The most obvious manifestation of the influence of the Moon on our planet are the ocean tides.

During many years, mental diseases and epilepsy were thought to be caused by the Moon, hence the word “lunatic”(derived from Luna, the Moon, in Latin), meaning mentally ill, mad, foolish as well as lunar effect:  real or imaginary influence of the Moon and moonlight on living things on the Earth.



When Bowie sings Aladdin Sane, all I hear is love insane

I didn’t used to be a fan of David Bowie. I had listened to a few songs before, but for some reason didn’t explore further. He just seemed so Bright, so complex to grasp at once.

Things take time,  shining star.

I was really happy to discover this cozy movie theater here in the city, where they mostly show independent movies.  I went there a few times and shared my enthusiasm with this lovely guy in glasses who gradually became my best friend. “Oh I would really like to go, I would really like to go”. So we decided to go there and that was about when we started out romantic relationship. Out of curiosity, we decided to pick up something unusual: a documentary about David Bowie. Everything was magic and love and inspiration, and Bowie became our blessing angel.

From that time on I started to dive in David Bowie’s music and became quite in love with his infinitely creative persona. I just felt so much freedom and inspiration to be yourself and at the same time to strive to be the best version yourself.

“Hello David” I found myself calling Bowie in a dream. In my dream I was in some kind of very special relationship with the shining star. For some reason, I was apologizing, yet David said it was fine “everything will be fine, don’t worry child”. Of course it was a telephone conversation, so I couldn’t see him, but because it was a dream I had this mental image of him really really far. Evening, sitting in a chair with legs crossed and this huge window behind him where heavy rain was pouring endlessly.

It is amazing how we come across certain people and things. This dream just made me listen to Bowie’s music even more and no matter what be myself. Inspiration and magic are just out there to reach.


Asymmetrical eyes. Bowie tribute ~

Reading, June 2017


Since I’m also quite fond of books (reading or smelling them) I would like to share some impressions about the books I’ve been reading lately. Sometimes I share my reviews on Goodreads.

Have you read any of the books below? Also, if you have any questions or suggestions about these or similar books, feel free to let me know!

  1 – 星の王子さ, The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I have been coming back to reread some parts of this book and every time I’m amazed by its truth in such a magical form. This is a recommendation just for anyone!

This time, I am trying to read its Japanese version. Its translation is also simply written and easy to understand. I am still struggling through some phrases and always looking up new words.

Picture2 (1)

  2 – 中級を学ぼう 日本語の文型と表現56 中級前期 Chukyu wo Manabou, Nihongo no Bunkei to Hyogen 56 [Intermediate Japanese]

Keeping on dedicating time to my love (previously discussed here), this is Japanese language text book I’m using (the most) right now. Along with my Japanese language teacher, I went to a bookstore in order to choose a text book which would match my level.

It’s been a very useful manual with a variety of exercises and grammatical points. I find themes particularly interesting, like onomatopeias usage, music therapy, sneeze (yes, there is a text about why we sneeze!) which makes you more comfortable while speaking about free topics and thinking in Japanese as well. In my opinion, while speaking in a specific languagle, one should also think in that language, until of course it becomes natural.

  3 – Geography III, Elizabeth Bishop

My first read by Elizabeth, a short set of poems which I’m discovering to be a real treasure.

“The art of losing isn’t hard to master;
so many things seemed filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster”

  4 – 1984, George Orwell

A well known dystopian novel I could finally put my hands on.

The novel is set in a dystopian world under totalitarian regime, where everyone is constantly being watched and controlled. It is infinitely intriguing, yet quite frightening. What impressed me the most is the idea of changing the language by eliminating and reducing the existent words (in this case in English) in order to make a human not only behave, but even think in a specific, almost robotic way goodthink.

More than a novel, it is a warning, very actual nowadays.

Fortunately there are more to come!


One year!

It is been one year since I have been sharing a part of myself through this platform! It is been a great experience so far, I would like to keep on sharing my reflections about living in Japan and around the world: more stories and impressions are to come! Also it has been amazing to discover and listen to so many inspirational people who are around here.

Thank you everyone for stopping by! ❤ See you