It’s a dog world!

And it is kawaii! 2018 is the year of  戌 the Earth Dog! Since a long time ago, the dog has been our faithful friend, growing into a meaningful symbol in many cultures. Although lunisolar calendar with 12 animal symbols didn’t originate in Japan (but as you may know course, in China)  it seems to have a … More It’s a dog world!


Notes from Journal, 19th January 2018 (…) The noise of the machine made any other sound, any other voice of the people around me unheard. I was conscious I was there, my body and mind were there, but I wondered if there was a tiny fragment of universe which belonged to me far far away.  I wondered, … More Dance

New Ideas

Hello! It has been a pleasure to share my impressions on living in Japan, my Japanese language challenge, my travels, impressions, hopes and fears through this blog. You may know that my main field is architecture and I have been engaging in this profession for a years. In order to organize some ideas and content … More New Ideas

Welcome 2018!

It’s my second time spending New Year in Japan, in amazing Tokyo, my dream city. I never think of any resolutions nor hold onto concrete plans. I like to follow my dreams and until the right moment comes keep my decisions open. Last year, I was feeling overwhelmed and quite accomplished. I learnt a lot, … More Welcome 2018!

How to survive cold snowy winter in Hokkaido and… don’t let it freeze your heart

It’s my second year living in a Sapporo, one of the major cities around the world where it snows the most!  I would like to share some tips on how to survive in this Winter Country. dress like an onion, layers and layers of clothes. Sometimes I see locals in summer shoes strolling on snow … More How to survive cold snowy winter in Hokkaido and… don’t let it freeze your heart