Habitat can be defined as natural home or environment in which an animal, a plant or other organism lives. Three years ago I moved to the North of Japan: beautiful island of Hokkaido. Nature is everywhere, but on this island its presence is particularly strong. Every day, it inspires me to believe that we humans can live in harmony with nature. Recently I have set myself on changing my habits towards a healthier lifestyle, including exercise, eating habits,  skincare, makeup and mental health of course.

Lately sustainable, conscious, organic, natural and such other noble words are constantly used by many organizations, companies and individuals, but what do they actually mean?  I’d like to be more conscious about how I impact environment so I’m doing a little research on these topics which could positively influence my life and planet as well.

My name is Nana and  I would like to share with you my discoveries and inspiration on beauty, nature and design.


Currently living and working in Sapporo, Japan.

Photos belong to me, unless stated otherwise.