Hello! It seems I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy with my new job and also preparing for JLPT exam (Japanese language proficiency!)
But there are a few things I’d like to share.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, during past three years I worked a very busy late hours job which despite being a great experience left me with very little time for personal time and self care. There are some things about my experience I feel I ought to share with other people, so maybe one day I will give more details.


My Japanese language ability has been improving and I’m very grateful to learn and grow professionally. Yet I came to notice that there are a few things I neglected. They are very basic, but as I came to realize that without them my life was getting worse and in our day and age they are essential to do other “big things”. There are a few things I’m trying to improve:


I’ve always used some basic makeup to correct a few flaws here and there or enhance parts I have confidence with such as lips and eyelashes. I tried some skincare products, but never had it right and never followed a skincare routine. In past years and especially this year when I turned 29 I noticed increasing problems with my skin like appearance of some fine lines (though not so fine!)  and increasing zits and signs of acne on parts of my face which had never been affected before.

I’ve came to realize that skincare is not about being vain, but about being healthy.

I decided I had to do something before it goes downhill, so I started to incorporate a healthy skincare routine into my everyday life.


although I walk a lot and climb mountains on summer weekends, I’m kind of not interested  when it comes to sports or daily exercise. This year I started to use a bicycle as a way to exercise and means of transportation.

-Eating habits:

You are what you eat. I’m not into junk food and I don’t usually skip meals, but because I couldn’t really cook in my old apartment I’ve been eating too much convenience store food and not enough fruit. Since I moved to my new apartment, whenever I have time I try to prepare very simple, but healthy dishes.

-Consciousness about ecological problems:

human beings have been quite careless with our planet, yet I believe that everyone can contribute for a better environment.

Lately sustainable, conscious, organic, natural and such other noble words are constantly used by many organizations, companies and individuals, but what do they actually mean?  I’d like to be more conscious about how I impact environment so I’m doing a little research on these topics which could positively influence my life and planet as well.

This change of “habits” isn’t something I forced myself to do, but it’s something that has been happening naturally and very very slowly. In future post I’ll share some details about my contest and any possible improvements.

Is there something you would like to improve in your lifestyle?

P.S. And yay, three years in Japan!



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