After deciding to quit my job, I have been asked by several people whether I’m going to marry. Should make a perfect sense, especially for a girl, especially in Japan. Even a foreign girl? Maybe going to another workplace or widening one’s horizon doesn’t seem convincing enough. And note, I have nothing against quitting your job because you are going to marry in case it’s your own choice and not someone’s directive, either you are a girl, either you are a boy.

The other day I saw this painting by an artist from Sapporo,  Migishi Kotaro which reminded me about some carelessness, but also freedom and individuality.  There is also a description which reads:

A big giant clam casts a long shadow on the sand. This piece depicts time passing slowly on the quiet beach as the sun begins to set, and also has somehow a sense of emptiness at the same time. With the money he got for this piece, Migishi took his wife, Setsuko to Kyoto and Nara on the trip, which he called “Seashell Trip,” and which was his last trip in his life.

The painting is called 「のんびり貝」nonbiri kai , can be translated something as “relaxing seashell” or “languorous seashell”.

Still belonging to the sea and wearing a shell, but back to action.






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