My new home in Japan!

After two years living in a tiny room on the 9thfloor with almost no furniture I have finally moved into a new apartment! Although its size, I liked living there because it had everything good related to comfort, location and even window view. But it was time to move to a bit more spacious place.

The new place is still not very big, but I like how natural lighting comes through the large windows. Japan is in the Northern hemisphere, so having windows turned to the South was very important when looking for an apartment.


I work in architecture and have to deal with design and ideas regarding interior almost every day. Yet arranging an apartment for oneself is something completely different. Since the apartment is in light tones: white wallpaper, light wooden flooring, white built in furniture and doors, I wanted to use this feature to create a simple and calm atmosphere. So tons of white, grey, green colours as well as a light tone for wood furniture are predominant. In the beginning I was worried that the curtains were to green, but everything played out quite nicely with the whitish translucent lace and furniture. Furniture is simple and minimal.


I’ve also kept the plants I have been caring for these last two years and thinking about getting a few new ones. I guess this natural element is very important for me.

Now still taking time to find things we like and arrange everything necessary. It is still incomplete, but I have been glad with the result so far! Now looking for rugs (even considering tatami!) lamps, appliances. Kitchen and bedroom are still in progress, but I am likely to update soon!

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