Back to Japan!

Quite unbelievable that I am back to Japan for the third (!) time!

After arriving from the airport and stepping on the streets on Sapporo, I am filled with pleasant familiarity. It is almost like arriving home. One of my homes. I do not feel lost anymore. Japanese kanji written here and there do not scare me any more. During the first days I  felt very homesick, missed my parent and the cat. I am still missing them, but I am confident that coming back here was a right thing to do.


Though I am working in architecture, I am also found of languages and since I also deal with translation, I have been thinking that pursuing one more “profession” such as translator or writer  would not be a bad idea.

Yesterday I have been asked if I have any expectations. I just honestly answered that my expectation is to learn and grow professionally and personally.

There are problems I have to solve, decisions I have to take, taxes to pay, plants to water. Everything is manageable  I guess. Staying away from too much familiarity, getting new ideas and never settling down.

“You don’t have a home and it is fine” my mother tells me on Skype. It happens that my family lives in different places in Europe, I live in Japan. I am in between those places and maybe that is very I belong: in between.



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