Old Europe

I haven’t been planning any special trips, but my homecoming from Japan to Portugal, than to Ukraine and going back to Portugal has turned into some kind of adventure with lack of sleep and long transfers, but also flavored by characteristics and differences of countries I passed through in such a short time.

In between Portugal and Ukraine I have passed through Istanbul. Though I spent there a very little time, it was enough to get to know the city’s scent of spices, listen to loud Turkish radio while on a shuttle bus, meet a few cats (there are just so many in Istanbul) and wake up to morning pray in the mosque. I will definitely come back!

In Ukraine I visited Lviv, which is quite an ancient European city!

This Armenian Church really impressed me by its distinctive architecture and peculiar wall paintings.


I went to a few bookstores to get some literature trasures!

Правда which means “truth”

As well as visited this really old pharmacy.



There are many old buildings under restoration and visitors from different countries. I’m really curios how this city is going to turn out in a few years!





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