Magneto in the fog

It is just a few days before I will go back home for a few weeks. Both excited and nervous! About two months ago I looked at the calendar and thought there was still a long time left. I felt I couldn’t wait anymore and at the same time I wanted to make my remaining time in Japan meaningful.

I was going to follow this plan where I would take a day at a time, but in the end it seems I just punched my way through.

But, this week some good things happened: they are not really achievements, but I know they happened for a reason and I was so very glad.

I received a 3 years’ extension stay in Japan! Of course I was very excited, but I still have many doubts about work, personal projects and about for how long I will stay here. After all, I feel I need a change.

My mother gave me a music festival ticket for a birthday present! I am finally going to see my beloved songwriter Nick Cave!

Without me ever asking or hinting to do so, one person expressed a really defensive and empathic attitude towards me. It left me so marveled and grateful.

Photo taken at Lake Toya, May, 2018


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