It’s a dog world!

And it is kawaii! 2018 is the year of  戌 the Earth Dog!

Since a long time ago, the dog has been our faithful friend, growing into a meaningful symbol in many cultures.

Little dog sculpture seen in Tokyo

Although lunisolar calendar with 12 animal symbols didn’t originate in Japan (but as you may know course, in China)  it seems to have a great significance for many Japanese as well.

One wouldn’t not imagine how many things were offered with this creature at the end of the year: sake with dog, calendars with dogs, little dog sculptures, dog postcards and dog stamps…

At the end of the year we spend hours sticking these stamps onto the postcards!

Zodiac readings, predictions and expectations follow in turn. From the other end of the world, my mother was calling me and saying this year we shall be very lucky since the Earth Dog is the best friend of the Horse (my mother and me were both born in the year of the Horse).

Though I’m not a religious belieber nor any kind of spiritualist, I don’t dislike it. I like the idea of relating to celestial world and bearing a portion of its essence within us.

This year and not only, let’s try to be authentic, patient and kind.




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