Language Teacher

Finding the right language teacher can be quite a challenge. Last year, after about 6 months in Japan I realized my self-study wasn’t enough so I started to look for a Japanese language who could give me private lessons.

I needed someone who would not just explain to me how the language works, but also tune me up with its nuances and possibilities. It took me some time to find the right one, I asked my friends and colleagues, posted on social media and considered video call lessons.

During this quest, almost every Sunday I went to a café to study for a while. One late afternoon as I entered and was about to sit at a table I saw a man waving at me. Strange? No, shocking! Honestly, till then I haven’t witnessed much interaction between strangers in Japan. So I thought it must have been a mistake, probably he waved at someone else. Without thinking much, I went on about my business and immersed into study.

Later on I’ve heard a conversation between a man and a woman about finding English teacher. I looked up and realized it was the same waving man. It turns out that for some time he was coming to this café as he has seen some foreigners around. In his words, foreigners actually meant English teachers. Ah that’s why he waved at me too: a foreigner and assumingly an English teacher.

All judgements apart, his way of looking for a language teacher was quite amusing. I thought maybe I was losing my time: instead of going about all the trouble, I could just start asking strangers on the street?

After some time and options which didn’t seem right to me, a friend recommended me a language teacher.

It’s been now a year since I’ve been having lessons with Ayumi: she is not only a great professional, but fun and motivational.



Jane Eyre, Adele’s well admired caretaker and teacher

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