My Your Wife: An Essay About Love, Language & Magic Of Misinterpretation

My Your Wife: An Essay About Love, Language & Magic Of Misinterpretation

Many thanks to ILY Magazine for sharing my story!

This is quite a honest piece written on subjects such as love, language and imagination. It revolves around society as well. If there is any allusion to preconceptions or stereotypes, it is to lead to nothing but their dissolution. 
Please read complete story here:

On a daily basis we create relationships with the people and places around us. Sometimes we happen to know a person through another person.  (…)

The way we imagine this person is based upon the narrative by another person and our own judgment. Not a minimum of direct contact. It’s like a character from a book. I find it one of the most fascinating things. Our perception is still about another human being, yet in many ways it’s also about us. (…)

Upon the first impression, she seems rather cold or even indifferent. Her expression remains rather serious and there is a distant look in her eyes. Yet, when she smiles her eyes break into thousand bright stars. In fact, when one comes into her presence, they are embraced by warmth. There is something both motherly and childish in this warmth: she’s protective, yet playful. It’s difficult to leave her presence. And it’s not just an appearance, this very warmth is stark naked honest.



Only if she could, she would take care of everyone and everything in this world. Even, when she breaks, she’s grateful to love and be loved so much she even feels guilty. She thinks this love is a blessing.

She could be that young housewife I saw at the supermarket, quietly going about her shopping business or that elegant lady working part time in a florist shop.

In my imagination, my colleague’s wife seemed to be an image of love and devotion. I didn’t know her, yet I admired her deeply.

Words by Mar’yana Kovalchuk, Illustration by Sam Liacos


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