World Atlas: a reflection

When I was a child I used to spend hours looking inside this book with a blue cover called World Atlas.  I thought it was the most fascinating thing in the house. There were many things I didn’t know and I wanted to learn.

Looking at my life now and given the fact it has been taking me on a ride across different countries, makes me think that nothing has much changed. There are many things I don’t know either and I still want to learn.

More and more I am surprised by all the differences in human beings, our social and cultural spectrum as well as uniqueness of each soul. And even more I am surprised by our similarities.

I have also realized that it is very easy to judge, blame and condemn.  The opposite is the hardest thing. Many times I am disappointed in others as well as in myself. Still the moments of bliss and mutual understanding outrun those.

For many, life is a power game, concerning winning or losing. Than if so, there is still a long way to travel. Yet, I believe if one is understanding and kind, one will never lose.


Interesting information about this map.

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