Naming of things: Nana’s Lawson

I had a dream of living in a city where nobody knew me.

When I came to Sapporo, Japan it was early march. Beginning of spring as one would suppose, but there still were mountains of snow on the streets, short days and long nights. At that time, I experienced some level of (foreign) anxiety. Everything felt heavy and unfamiliar.

My name may seem a bit long, so I decided to use my beloved childhood nick name Nana, which my family and close friends still call me. Just repeat the same syllable twice. Simple. In addition, Nana means “7” in Japanese. Maybe my purpose of coming to Japan was to retrieve my name or even give it a new meaning?

In front of the building I was living, there was a convenience store name Lawson operating 24 hours, 7 days a week. A super sensitive person may even say there is a certain sense of infinity to it. There are many convenience stores scattered all around the city and all of them look almost the same. Probably because I didn’t know any other people from except my work,  I felt some kind of comfort in going there and seeing the same people in blue and white striped clothes.

More than ever I realized I could find a solace in simplicity  and create my own story.

So there was Nanas’ Lawson.


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