Spring. Beginnings (A ride in Hokkaido)

After a long winter with its endless snowfalls I was waiting quite impatiently for the Spring to come.

Spring. Beginnings. It is such a delicate and violent time of the year. Nature has such a powerfil ability to renew and almost reinvent itself.

Though I don’t dislike living in the city, there is always a building after a building which blocks our view and makes us forget that there are so many other landscapes.

It was good to go out the city for a day and revisit the vastness of this island, meet old mountains and awakening forests, see newborn greenery quickly emerging from the soils richly nourished after a long winter. Sometimes you just know that you are in the right place at the right moment. And that was that day. 

Rice fields aren’t watered yet, the greenery has just protruded from the soil and weather made both people and animals leave their homes.

Spring. Beginning. Rebirth. Chance. Life. I feel amazed and grateful to be present in this moment, in such a natural state.

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