New Year Reflections

It is just only one week left till 2017. Since I came to Japan, time has passed surprisingly fast. So many things happened last year: new country, new work, new people new books, new thoughts, new feelings. I am grateful. Of course, I still hope 2017 will be better in many ways.

This time, I will be spending Christmas and New Year alone, far away from my family.  I am not religious, but some of my family members celebrate it. I respect it and for me this time of the year is a symbol of family togetherness.

Honestly I have no New Year resolutions or special wishes. Lately I have been living with no big plans, what will be, will be. There are though a few little notes I would like to leave regarding this year and the next one coming.

-be kinder and more patient, try to listen rather than judge. Try to understand. Understand, that people may have very different opinions, many times it will not match yours, agree to disagree. Many times you felt you acted or said something you shouldn’t have. Do not get offended or hot tempered by stupid reasons. If you see it is “it cannot be helped” situation even if you tried, be flexible, but know when to walk away.  If you do get hot tempered, just forgive yourself and don’t suffer for it, but do not forget. Just don’t make the same mistake twice. Also, be kinder to yourself.

-care less what others may be thinking or saying behind your back. So many times you have caught yourself thinking or rather overthinking what people may think. They are fellow human beings; sometimes they will think beautiful and good things, sometimes they will think ill and awful things. Just aren’t you the same? Human nature, I guess. We cannot get on well nor please everyone.

-work better. Try to understand what you really want, concentrate on your goals, step by step you will get there. If you won’t, you will learn. Along the way, your goals may change, try to understand and keep working. Stay curious, educate yourself and keep on discovering.

-don’t insist upon people who aren’t there. You can try once or twice, but that’s it.  If you do more you may fool yourself. Sometimes you may be not able to understand the reasons. It is fine.

-people who want to be there, will be there. The rest is excuses.

-when you feel you are breaking down, in fact you may be breaking out. When  anxious or nervous, try to accept is as a release and a moment when you come to terms with something which doesn’t feel right in your soul. Try to understand and accept it.

-In a case of discrimination, prejudice and open offence targeted either at yourself, another person or group of people, speak out, stand up.

I hope 2017 will be better for everyone!

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