Like a hedgehog in the fog

Recently I was so happy to come across a book version of my favorite childhood animation films, in Japanese! “Hedgehog in the Fog”, original “Ёжик в тумане”, Japanese 「霧につつまれたハリネズミ」.

Its original version is quite short, yet the combination of dialogue, animation and atmosphere is really unique.

Actually I associate “Hedgehog in the Fog” with so many moments in my life. For me, it is so much about wondering, sometimes being in the fog and not being able to see clearly, being afraid and confused about doing something, but daring. And also, about endless curiosity!

And yes I have come back to children books! Since I like reading and in order to boost my Japanese, I have been trying to read some manga , though with very simple dialogues. I think it is a great way to learn new words and especially understand better conversational language. Soon I hope to write a review Yotsuba& ! よつばと!




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