It must be seasickness in reverse

Although I wasn’t born in a place near the sea, I grew to love it to a point I miss it whenever I am away. As it was my home.

When I was a child I used to go on vacation to the seaside. Upon arriving by train, I would see a line of blue in the distance. It was a creature with a big soul, I could tell, running along the train, teasing, ever so free. It was beckoning to me, tempting me to come closer. Once, during such holidays, when I was on a beach playing and making sand castles, a big wave came and washed away one of my toys. I ran for it, but it was too late. I got so angry I started to kick waves and shout at the vast blue. I was sure the sea was mocking me. In the end I begged to return my toy, but the sea was so stubborn it didn’t react and just continued lying there, folding and unfolding infinite waves.

Now I live in a place surrounded by sea, but not so frequently I get to see it. Yet, when I do, I feel the calmest ever. When leaving, I long for that peace and calmness to come back again. I don’t walk so steadily on the ground and I wish and I need to return. As I was seasick in reverse.

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