Some unusual things I did this year, which happened for the first time (and some of them I hope for the last time, even though now I find them quite amusing):

-attend a wedding in China, where I was the only foreigner (this is accessory) and didn’t know the bride nor the groom. I got to know them on the very same day and drank for their love and health starting early morning.

-deal with an obsessive person who would stalk me in the workplace

-spend my birthday alone, by my own choice

-get officially hired

-manage to “steal” a deodorant tester from a supermarket. I wanted to buy a deodorant, but I couldn’t find it. After finding something that looked like one, I tried to read the instructions, but missed a sticker in capital letters saying TESTER  /  テスター (both in English and Japanese katakana).  I only found out it some days after. The cashier didn’t say anything either, I am not even sure whether I paid for it or not, but who knows maybe I am a criminal by now.

Pretty good year so far and it is not even over.

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