Back to Japan!

Quite unbelievable that I am back to Japan for the third (!) time! After arriving from the airport and stepping on the streets on Sapporo, I am filled with pleasant familiarity. It is almost like arriving home. One of my homes. I do not feel lost anymore. Japanese kanji written here and there do not … More Back to Japan!

Old Europe

I haven’t been planning any special trips, but my homecoming from Japan to Portugal, than to Ukraine and going back to Portugal has turned into some kind of adventure with lack of sleep and long transfers, but also flavored by characteristics and differences of countries I passed through in such a short time. In between Portugal … More Old Europe

Spring is coming

I cannot help being a spring/summer person. It takes me some patience to live through winter, especially here on this Northern island where it is quite long. Spring means days are longer. Spring means more natural light. Spring means ice age will be over. Spring means rebirth. Chance. Life. Spring means I will be going … More Spring is coming